How to use bright colors in your home design and furniture

It can be a bit frightening to deal in bright colors. Deciding the right colors, neutrals to complement them, and choosing the ideal accessories and trendy furniture can be intimidating. That’s why all of us settle back on neutral colors to decorate our homes-beige, brown, white, black, maybe a little touch of burnt orange or navy blue.



Lively colors should not be frightening or infantile. Decorating with bright colors will make a huge effect with the correct planning and attention that you will not get sick with or afraid with any time soon!

Working with Colors

If it’s your first attempt to decorate in bright colors, there are a few quick tips to bear in mind to make the process easier:

  • First, pick what neutral you want to blend with your color. If you do this first, you can keep the brights in line that you like without being frustrated or out of hand.
  • Test the bright swatches before committing. It is important to carry it home to check it out and see how it looks, whether it’s fabric or paint.
  • Balance warm and cool colors
  • Magenta and pink are challenging colors to deal with-just tone them down to neutrals.

It’s time to take it to the next level!


Neutral Space with Bright Accessories

If you like neutral paint and neutral furniture, you can add splash to your room by mixing these with some colorful accessories. Gray or beige walls, trimming and furnishings provide solid scenery for bright curtains, rugs, pillows, or paintings.

Harmonize the colors in your accessories so that your room has a motif. Harmonize the colors in your accessories so that your room has a motif. Assuming that your rug has shades of blue and purple, choose purple pillows, blue artwork, or bits of violet decoration to bind them all together. Such colorful accessories can travel about quickly with a neutral backdrop and offer your room life.

White with a Dash of Color

Rather of choosing a neutral palette, making a white decor with tiny dash of color can have a lot of effect and fit well if you are looking for something more subdued. White walls and light furniture with bright accent pillows, a side table, or light fixtures may be used in a bedroom. A bathroom may have bright fittings, or a mirror frame. Rather of mixing certain neutral tones, using an all white backdrop tends to make bright colors and hues show. Seek to add various white textures so the room doesn’t fall flat.


Select a Focal Point

When dealing with bright colors, selecting a focal point to prevent the room from transforming into an eyesore will also be less devastating. Bright modern sofa among otherwise neutral space can be a great dash of color. Any added accessories in a similar color could beautifully match the room together.


Choose a purple or orange sofa, like Anastasia Sofa. A modernized sofa in a bright color as the focal point of your space makes a brilliant presentation and gives the eye something to attract on!


Unexpected Area

Start playing with placing color in some unexpected areas if you want to be adventurous with using bright color in your design. A pocket door that slides out to show bright yellow or green totally changes the mood of either neutral or monochromatic room. In a simple design, cupboards or storage which reveal bright pink or red when opened are a pleasant surprise. Another perfect way to include this unexpected splash is a neutral kitchen with bright cover on modern barstools!

Ready to Start?

If you are ready to begin the New Year, this guide will help. Modern sofas, chairs, and bar stools in a neutral space can be perfect focal points of color. We are offering lots of our modern pieces of furniture in blues, oranges, reds, yellows, vivid purples and more. We are all about color exploration!

For more details on how modern furniture can be used to add color to your space, check out our website or get in touch with us.